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    Automobile no-fault claims contain many intricate details and as an adjuster, you are responsible for indemnifying the claimant. Your role also entails an additional task that can be difficult: ensuring an exceptional claimant experience throughout the entire life cycle of an auto no-fault claim.  

    A common fact remains that automobile accidents occur rather frequently. In fact, the Michigan State Police reports that more than 74,000 auto-related injuries took place in Michigan in 2015. Furthermore, there are approximately two million people that become disabled or injured from auto accidents in the country every year according to the Association for Safe International Road Travel. You are also aware that claimant injuries range from fairly minor to catastrophic, which presents both unique challenges and opportunities for your insurance company.  

    To your claimants, the entire claims process can appear rather complicated and can be a major source of frustration, especially when multiple parties are involved. If you are working with claimants who sustained more catastrophic injuries, you will face additional complexities within the claim that must be handled in a very efficient manner.  

    Regardless of the level and severity of injuries, claimants will be more satisfied with the claims process when they experience the most efficient and expedient claims adjudication process possible. From that first initial phone call to open the claim to the claim resolution and every step in between, Northwood offers many benefits that will help you ensure high levels of claimant satisfaction.   

    Northwood is a third-party administrator (TPA) of auto no-fault claims and works closely with insurance companies and adjusters throughout the life cycle of a claim. Northwood is an established TPA and has streamlined processes in place that allow for both increased claimant satisfaction levels and reduced claims administration costs.  

    Northwood’s custom network of providers spans the entire United States, including Puerto Rico, and provides easy access to the necessary providers that claimants need. Claimants that require any prescribed service – from durable medical equipment, orthotics, prosthetics, home modifications, home infusion, home health care, transportation to prescription drugs – due to their auto-related injuries may access this network to receive their services without having to pay money out of their own pocket. Northwood offers an innovative pre-authorization process on all home health care products and services to ensure that the services are directly related to the claimant’s injuries. While this process makes the claim incredibly convenient for the claimant, it simultaneously saves the insurance company money because it eliminates unnecessary costs stemming from the use of non-auto-related services.  

    In addition, Northwood operates a call center for the convenience of claimants. The call center is staffed with highly trained personnel that offer language services to claimants as needed and they also help monitor claimant satisfaction. These added benefits contribute to an overall increase in claimant satisfaction levels, helping you as an adjuster to deliver on exceptional experiences throughout the life cycle of a claim.  

    By working with Northwood on automobile no-fault claims, insurance companies can rest assured that their claimants will have exceptional experiences. For more information on additional ways that Northwood assists with increasing claimant satisfaction, please contact Rosanne Brugnoni at 586-755-3830 ext. 3771. 

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