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  • Why Does Michigan Still Have No-Fault Car Insurance?

    Why Does Michigan Still Have No-Fault Car Insurance?

    No-fault car insurance gained popularity in the 70s and 80s. In Michigan, no-fault’s purpose was designed to reduce the amount of time that it took to receive compensation. When accidents occur under no-fault insurance, it means that regardless of who causes the accident, injured parties will make a claim against their own insurance company to

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  • March 2017: Pharmacy Benefit Manager 101 – Explanation of the Solution

    March 2017: Pharmacy Benefit Manager 101 – Explanation of the Solution

    Pharmacy benefit managers (PBM) help to get needed medications to patients while keeping costs down. They negotiate with pharmacies and drug companies to offer the best medication at the lowest price. Networks of pharmacies are formed that offer the savings to the patients. This can mean either a name brand drug or offering the generic

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  • How Aging Baby Boomers Will Affect Future DMEPOS Services

    Over the next several decades the number of people in the United States who are over 65 will increase more than 100 percent. The world amount will increase almost 200 percent. This increase will happen due to baby boomers aging.  After WWII there was an increase in the number of babies born. Now, those individuals

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  • Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) For Auto No-Fault And Workers’ Compensation Claims

    Insurance carriers in the auto no-fault and workers’ compensation claims industry deal with a multitude of responsibilities and regulations when it comes to their injured claimants. One of the top priorities for adjusters/examiners on any auto no-fault and workers’ compensation claim involves indemnifying the claimant. Simultaneously, adjusters/examiners are involved in and generally responsible for managing

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  • Awareness Month Feature: April

    April is Alcohol Awareness Month. Alcohol is one of the most prevalent drugs on the market. It is frequently seen in movies and TV shows as a way to relax after a long day or to deal with a stressful situation. While most people can drink (regular, binge or heavy use) without being an alcoholic,

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