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    • 02 DEC 16
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    Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Procurement Specialists

    Automobile no-fault claim costs continue to be a growing source of concern and constant focus for insurers in the state of Michigan. Not only are adjusters in the no-fault claim administration field partially responsible for reducing overall costs, they also must be cognizant of the growing administrative burdens and decreased productivity stemming from no-fault claims

    • 17 NOV 16
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    Awareness Month Feature – November

    November is Family Caregiver Awareness Month There have been over 43 million people who have cared for an adult or a child in 2015. These people are designated as “unpaid caregivers” to distinguish them from aides or other professionals who provide care as part of their jobs. Some of these individuals are family caregivers. Family caregivers

    • 17 NOV 16
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    What You Need To Know About Home Modifications

    Auto or work related injuries can occur that cause temporary or permanent damage.  The physical conditions that result may lead to the need for modifications made to the home. The modifications can include widening of the doorways to allow for the movement of a wheelchair, hand rails for the person to steady themselves when walking

    • 31 OCT 16
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    Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) For Auto No-Fault And Workers’ Compensation Claims

    Insurance carriers in the auto no-fault and workers’ compensation claims industry deal with a multitude of responsibilities and regulations when it comes to their injured claimants. One of the top priorities for adjusters/examiners on any auto no-fault and workers’ compensation claim involves indemnifying the claimant. Simultaneously, adjusters/examiners are involved in and generally responsible for managing