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    • 27 SEP 16
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    Home Health Care and Auto No-Fault/Workers’ Compensation Claims

    Health technology continues to advance and the healthcare industry continues to develop new and more effective methods of providing the appropriate medical care for those injured in an auto no-fault or workers’ compensation accident. With the multitude of healthcare providers and these numerous advances in medical care and medical devices, it can be incredibly challenging

    • 22 SEP 16
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    Home Infusion Therapy Services

    Infusion therapy involves the administration of medications or nutritional solutions to a patient through a catheter or a needle. Infusion therapy can be used to administer antibiotics/antiviral and pain medication among other therapies. For a long time, infusion therapy was administered in a hospital setting. With some therapies requiring long-term administration and the cost of

    • 22 SEP 16
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    Awareness Month Feature – September

    September’s Topic is Cancer Awareness October has long been known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There are nationwide events, PSAs, and media events centered on the topic. Almost every month, though, has a cancer awareness theme. For the month of September, there are eight different forms of cancer that are highlighted: Childhood, Gynecological, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma,

    • 30 AUG 16
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    Claimant Satisfaction With Automobile No-Fault Claims

    Automobile accidents are a common occurrence and the Association for Safe International Road Travel reports that over two million people are disabled or injured in auto accidents in the United States each year. According to the Michigan State Police, there were over 74,000 auto related injuries sustained in the state of Michigan in 2015. Insurance