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    • 21 APR 15
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    Let Northwood Be An Extension Of You

    Let Northwood Be An Extension Of You… A specialized provider network of pharmacy, durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, medical supplies, infusion therapy, home modification, home health care, transportation and translation/interpretation services. Northwood understands that claim representatives have multiple claiments and no two claimants have the same medical needs or circumstances. This means that claim representatives

    • 20 MAR 15
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    The Specialty Pharmacy Boom Continues

    For 2014, we estimate that retail, mail, and specialty pharmacies dispensed about $78 billion in specialty pharmaceuticals. How many pharmacies dispensed these drugs? Surprisingly, we still can’t definitively answer this question, as I explain below. To measure specialty pharmacy growth, I worked with a renowned mathematician to crunch data from URAC, an independent accreditation company.